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Are you a First Gen Fan? this is for you! Imagine that you could go back to 1996 to play again. This is my tribute to the first games of the series: Red, Blue and Green.

Now available only today in theyetee

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Zelda Toon !

Created by James A. Castillo (Murfish) - Website

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"I sit back in my emo chair, with my emo slippers on and I listen to it“ "-in the winter” “in the winter time in Ohio and i think this is- this is just a bunch of crap" |-/

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:: this Blog will make you hungry ::

mini vegan pumpkin pies / recipe via Tumblr

(via happinesswillprevail)

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Match #68

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 i have had a picture of this shoe on my wall since grade 7 (although i recently had to take it down), eight years, i will not stop until i own it

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